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The first step at Cfdc is to stop by, check the place out, and sit down with a professional coach, right off the bat. 

We call this a consultation & it's our first opportunity to get to know you, why you are here and what you are looking for. 

Everyone comes in wanting different things; before moving forward we want a clear picture of what those things are and likewise, we want you to be very clear about who we are as a health and fitness practice.

We like to say "let's get real, or let's not play"

Fill out the form below and we will jump at the chance to meet with you. 


As a part of the initial consultation above, we take each and every athlete thru a full assessment based on their background, training age & lifestyle.

One size doesn't fit all when evaluating the optimal starting point. We "assess; we don't guess" when determining "how" to start working with individuals.

Having run thousands of assessments over 11 years of business, we have a strong understanding of how to gather data, where those metrics should be, and what to do with that information of basic movement ability & capacity once we have them

To deep dive into the way in which we go about assessment, click HERE.

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Whether you're a business executive, coming off years of inactivity, or a pro athlete, you deserve a personalized transition into Cfdc.

Much like the special forces mandate a 'work-up' before deployment, we take 3 weeks to transition you from your previous way of life to ours.

This ramp-up is individualized and each athlete is met with one-on-one to give you the full attention you deserve, regardless of capacity. 

Within these sessions, we tackle a number of different aspects of healthy living including, but not limited to, movement, nutrition, lifestyle & education of cfdc's "long-term model of development"

For more information & examples of how we might ramp-up a beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete, click HERE


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While we initially ramp-up all our members individually, we consider you a member only when you become a part of our community.

At Cfdc we've determined that both individual attention and group affiliation are critical factors in adherence to a healthy lifestyle. You can't have one without the other.

In addition to on-going individual attention, we run the longest standing group program for functional fitness in the city (11 years and running...)

From intelligent program design to individualized skill progression, we optimize the group experience and provide the best community in town.

For more information about training 'the cfdc way', click HERE.


The gym is only 1 hour of your day. What happens in the other 23 hours?

Optimizing your nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery helps us maximize the results you get from your time in the gym. We teach high quality nutrition to be what it should be: Simple, easy to follow, and the foundation of a healthy life.

Every 4 weeks you’ll sit down with your coach to catch up, review the previous month’s training and refine your training plan for the month to come. It’s training designed for real life.

Cfdc is short hand for "cut from a different cloth".


Find out what a 'cfdc lifestyle' might look like HERE.