Health+Fitness Delivered by Professional




Your first step at Cfdc is to schedule your free one-on-one introduction to the space, staff and services.


This introduction is crafted to make you feel comfortable & cared for. Included in this introduction is a free:

  • Electronic scan for body composition

  • 3D movement diagnostic 

  • Motor control assessment


Thru the quick data we gather together, we’ll prescribe and present the best options for improving your health and getting started at Cfdc


Based on the results of the above consultation, we prescribe an individualized start-up process for each athlete.


At Cfdc, we believe one size doesn't always fit all. Each athlete receives one-on-one attention to compliment the group training we provide. 


Within these on-going sessions, we tackle a number of different aspects of healthy living including, but not limited to:


At Cfdc, you invest in coaching, not access. 


Striving towards mental and physical wellness is a collaborative endeavor. 


The moment you step into Cfdc, we assign you a coach…for life. 


This full-time professional becomes your ally in every aspect of your health. To guide you towards: 

  • the right exercise program & volume

  • recovery & lifestyle modification

  • & much more

Join us today for a free introduction to Cfdc.