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Ramp up.

An advanced athlete, by Cfdc's standards, would emerge from the assessment with a need to improve balance across movement patterns as well as energy systems (based on their goals). Additionally, it's been our experience that athletes with a 'high training age' also deserve, at best, time spent 'pre-habbing' faulty movement patterns and, at worst, rehabbing nagging inconsistencies that result in the management of pain.


John Smith has been

  • training for 10+ years at a functional fitness-type gym.

  • He came in with a high-level of gymnastic ability as well as a previous background in power sports and olympic lifting.


However, based on the advanced assessment set, we found that:

  • His 1 rep power clean was 160 kg, whereas this 1 rep close grip bench press was 130 kg. (From experience, we know that for the balanced fitness athlete we want to see a 1:1 ratio.)

  • Additionally, John has complained about instability in his left shoulder in pressing movements & we noticed a discrepancy as well in the testing of his weighted pull-up (was significantly less than his close grip bench press at BW of 90kg + only 20kg of added weight)

Our 'hypothetical' goal with John is to

  • improve balance across movement where there is an imbalance. Because of his training age, we would not expect him to drastically change in a matter of 21 days. However, we can take huge steps in the right direction

What you see below is

  • an example template where someone was more powerful than strong (i.e. power clean was > CGBP) and

  • also has a deficiency in pulling versus pushing (i.e. their bench press was > than there weighted Pull-up)

Lastly, you'll notice that instead of a 'buffet of movement" like we saw in the beginner example, this is one day focused on a specific movement. We, because of john's experience, will look to make the movements more redundant and intense-based versus complementary and volume based.

Workout 1
A) Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-up at a tempo of 3010; 5 x 6-8 repetitions with 80% of tested 1RM from previous assessment; rest 90 seconds between sets
B1) Prone Dumbbell Row at a tempo of 3112 x ARMAP (-1) x 4 sets; rest 60 seconds
B2) Barbell bent over row at a tempo of 3010 x 8-12 reps x 4 sets; rest 60 seconds

C) 1 arm Powell Raise at a tempo of 3010 x 8 reps x 4 sets at 20 lbs; rest 90 seconds


"Pull-focused Conditioning"

5 sets of:

25 Toes to bar

50 meter Reverse sled pull (w/100kg)

500 Meters at a pace of 1:40/500

-rest 2:1 vs work performed; look to improve pace every set

Workout 2

A) Close Grip Bench Press with 'accommodating resistance' via added chains (50lbs/side) at a tempo of 30X1; 5 sets x 7-9 reps with 80+% of tested 1RM from previous assessment; Rest 90"-2 mins per set; increase load as needed without compromising speed of concentric phase

B1) Tate Press with barbell at a tempo of 2020 x AMRAP (-1) x 4 sets; rest 60 seconds

B2) Weighted Straight bar dips with 10lbs additional weight at a tempo of 3010 x 10-12 reps x 4 sets; rest only 60 seconds

C) DB Ext rotations at a tempo of 3010 x 8 reps x 4 sets with 20 lbs; rest 90 seconds


"Push-focused Conditioning"

10 rounds of 

5 kipping handstand pushups

10 meter Handstand walk

15 cal Flywheel Bike

Rest 1 min; Look for intra-set repeatability; every round > than 2 seconds different results in a penalty (penalty = 3 min Ring Support Hold)

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