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As mentioned, our initial consultation dissects into two parts:

sit down discovery + physical assessment.

Assessment provides the groundwork for your physical fitness to move forward with your goals (that we've discovered together).  It’s a tool that allows us to recognize objectivity within fitness by measuring where you actually sit. 

There are three components that make up a Cfdc assessment:

#1) BODY - we use the InBody Scan 270 to determine your lean mass and fat mass, which provide guidance for our Ramp-up.

#2) MOVE - we’ll look head to toe for how you move. That will allow us to put appropriate exercises together to ensure safety by staying away from injurious situations.

#3) WORK - we’ll figure out how well you "work", that is physically work, and how you respond to work to choose appropriate fitness goals & training for you in the ramp-up and beyond.


Additionally, we have created multiple levels of "MOVE" and "WORK" assessment to meet athletes were they currently are. Our professional coaches base their assessment criteria via your experience with functional fitness & the specific goals that you look to achieve while at Cfdc.

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