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Over the 12 years of coaching the citizens of Dallas and beyond, we've found that in times of change and uncertainty, we need more coaching, not less. When you combine that with the immediate necessity for our health, there has never been a time in our life where we've needed our fitness more. 

So what does that look like when we are confined to our homes? What is it that you really need?

Anyone can look up an at-home workout & anyone can find an online class streaming. Those are good.

But it's not what you need in this season. What you need is individual support - in short, you need a coach. 

We believe, as we always have, that we need care, accountability and differing amounts of individual attention. At Cfdc, we will continue to hear what you are looking for (the problem), and we will provide the answer (the solution). 

The only difference is there will be a screen between us, versus face-to-face. 

For our current members:

  • We are personalizing their workouts based on equipment, goals, time availability.

  • We are individually communicating with them multiple times a day. Everyday. 

  • We are doing this thru zoom, video messaging, text, and the online software that we've used for the past 4 years. 

As well, we are providing private online gatherings where we go over specific needs, but collectively. These include topics such as:

  • finding a new rhythm while working remotely

  • nutrition and cooking 

  • mindfulness and finding purpose during change

  • and much more

It's business as usual, just through the technology that we have available. 


While the process will look slightly different (online intros versus face-to-face), we are available to anyone in the city (and now beyond) that needs help.

Simply go HERE, and schedule a free online intro.

We'd love to listen.

We'd love to help.


Spencer Nix

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