What programs do you run?

  • We have 3 programs at Cfdc.

    • Our longest standing program we currently call Crossfit as it represents the original intent of the methodology - constantly varied, functional movements, executed at relatively high intensity

    • In addition, we have a program called Peak. Peak is a mixed-modal (i.e. different movement categories) program focused on cardio-vascular training (running, rowing, biking, etc) paired with functional resistance training (i.e. multi-joint bodybuilding). It's a tough program but sustainable work, focused on the progression of the aerobic system in a way that doesn't break you down.

    • In September, we will be releasing a tertiary program which we believe will provide a balance to Crossfit and Peak: BASE. With a pure bodyweight focus, it will combine yoga, gymnastics, breath work, and ground-based locomotion in a format completely remixed for Cfdc. Stay Tuned HERE


What is included in membership?

  • Access to all of our group classes. All of our memberships include group and individual attention (what we call a hybrid membership). This combines small group training and personal 1 on 1 coaching. With your membership you will also get nutrition, stress and lifestyle coaching to ensure you meet your goals.

How much do you cost?

  • We have different services with different price ranges. Some of those include:

    • Exclusive Private training: $89.97-$125.44/hour

    • Personalized Ramp-up: $188-$251/week

    • Hybrid memberships: $41.60-$59.93/week

    • Online Coaching (remote clients): $7-41.32/week

How do I think about this from a budget standpoint?

  • We believe your health is an investment not an expense (although it will become an expense if you don't invest in it now...). Nonetheless, it does require some sacrifice on your part. One less meal out or one less new workout outfit...Most truly can afford us, it just determines where it lies on your priorities.

This seems like a different price point than some other gyms in town. Why is that?

  • We've determined that this is everything you need to be your best. We haven't left anything out. If you are not completely satisfied after the first 6 weeks, we will completely refund your money.  



What if I've been inactive, is this the place for me?

  • Yes. Getting you from inactive to active is our job.

I've been active and in different gyms for a long time, do I still need to do a consult?

  • Yes. We believe that great athletes are often neglected because they have the basics down. You still deserve to be understood, listened to and taken care of just like everyone else. 

I was a member previously, do I still need to schedule a consult?

  • If it's been longer than 6 months, yes. Let's catch up and hear everything that is going on, how your goals have changed and what we can do to support you. 

What if I can't find the time to get to the gym regularly?

  • It's a struggle for a lot of people. We all have important things that are pulling us in different directions. However, if you can't commit to 3 hours out of the 168 hours you have in a week, there is a fundamental shift in your priorities that needs to happen or it never will.

  • Take a look at how you are spending your time, determine if there is anything that isn't adding to your long term health and make the tough decision to replace it with something instead that can improve your quality of life as a partner, parent, or performer at your job.