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3 Things That Must Be Earned

"A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought -- they must be earned" -Naval

In a society that wants the immediate and often gets it, there are three things in life that cannot be outsourced.

  • Your physical health

  • Your mental health

  • Your close relationships

These are things you have to cultivate.

Back to the Lecture at Hand.

While we hope you'll focus on all three, we are primarily concerned about your physical health. We want to optimize it. We realized long ago that

  • health does not = 'exercise classes'

We've always believed that

  • physical health = consistent exercise + consistent nutrition.

It can't be for a 'season'.

You can't have health without a strong foundation in nutrition. It can't be a 6 week challenge, either. It has to be a slow, gradual ramp-up to a distant horizon.

Your margin of error is not great.

It's not the same trial and error as exercise. The body keeps score and your pancreas is a lot less forgiving than you think. You really don't have time to muck this up.

You can afford it.

15 years ago, having a nutrition coach was only for rich people, pro athletes or someone about to die. Times have certainly changed. We know more & can guide faster with better technology available today. What would have cost $400/month, now costs $4/day.


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