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3 workout types you should be doing every week

One of the hardest things about exercise is the tension between fitness and health.

  • Fitness seems to be tied to performance: how hard you can lift/how fast you can move/how difficult you can make it.

  • Health, on the other hand, is really about development for as long as you can.

The trick is how to have them both.

We want to look and feel good now & we want that as long as possible, correct?

What we used to think (and what some still assume) is that we can go hard every day and rest when we have to. We can keep that up long term.

The answer is, it depends.

You can roll that dice, but once you out-punt your coverage with intensity, it will be very VERY challenging to climb your way back to normalcy. Over time and trial and error, we’ve found that there is a way to balance workout types.

Below are the 3 workout types at Cfdc

Meta - or classically known as Crossfit, is high intensity and can be found in a few different varieties.

Interval based workouts with incomplete recovery, strength workouts, and workouts that generally leave you pretty exhausted!

Some examples of this would be

  • 21-15-9 Thrusters + Pullups

  • 5 x 5 Back Squat

  • 20 kipping pull-ups + 2 min air bike; rest 2 mins x 5

These workouts are so rad, but if you already have a high training age, are stressed out, or just know in general that you feel like sh*t (for a long time) after performing these - proceed with caution. Like anything in life, they are really good for you, but in moderation.

Peak - For these types of workouts it’s easy to discount them because you don’t get that hit of cortisol shooting through your bloodstream, but remember, that’s not always good or required to see results.

Tempo training, higher rep ranges, and aerobic work have a reserved spot in your training for building you up and not burning you out.

Some examples of this would be

  • a1) single arm bent over row @ 21X1 Tempo w/ a2) Dumbbell Push Press @ 32X1 Tempo each for 8-12 reps

  • EMOM x 40 minutes alternating between wall walks, farmers carry, box step ups, & ring support

  • 250 meter repeats on the rower @ a 70% RPE; rest 2 mins x 10-12 sets

These workouts, by themselves, may be plenty and totally enough for your health, but won't include everything - high skill + power / speed movements will be lacking.

Base - For those that are attracted to tough, hard workouts, this third category can often be seen as optional or even pointless.

They are not - it’s the yin to the yang; the hard workday with the easy Sunday morning. You want them both.

While not as often as the workout types described above, you need a workout, on a regular basis that slows you down, challenges your stability and mobility & leaves you feeling…wait for it…good. Yes, that’s an appropriate response to exercise - actually feeling good!

Examples of this might be:

  • accumulate 100 single leg shrimp squats / 2 min total hold for front and back scale / spend 10 minutes working on a free standing handstand

  • 2 min amraps of a locomotive patterns like the bear, frog, and monkey crawl

  • 10 mins box breathing

At Cfdc we believe each athlete should participate in all three. What's the right amount? Well, that all depends! While it’s hard to fit a central avatar, we would recommend, in a perfect world, the following:

On a weekly basis:

1-2 workouts that are META (sounds cool, right?)

2-3 workouts where you PEAK (see what we did there?)

1 workout where it's all about getting back to your BASE (c'mon)

If you're a member at Cfdc, get together with your coach to determine the ultimate 'microcycle' for your life and your goals (i.e. class times, how often to attend each, etc)

If you interested in hearing more about the Difference at Cfdc and what it might look like to be a conscientious exerciser, sign up for a free intro here


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