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4 Things Within Your Control When It Feels Like Everything Is Not.

Today, the W.H.O. characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic. This is the first time that any organization has taken a preventative measure to control such an outbreak.

What a bold and courageous move to stop further transmission and prevent further proliferation of the novel virus.

Having said that, it's easy to take this new information and let it run rampant in your mind.

You can use your own imagination and we won't poke fun at anything that might have gone through your head - it's gone through ours too!

When situations present themselves where we feel 'out of control', we find it helpful to come back to what we can do.

Demand your greatest health

This line is a symbolic representation that the best defense against sickness is not washing our hands (although super helpful) or cough hygiene (yes, do that too), but our overall health.

  • While this line says "fitness" at the right-hand side, think of that interchangably with "super-wellness" or a place as far from disease as you can control.

If you really want to be 'anti-sick', demand these below:

4 things that are in your control

  1. Demand 8+ hours of sleep - the research is obvious and you knew it already, but are you doing it? Nothing can make you feel more superhuman than consistent, quality sleep

  2. Demand Sobriety - While we're still arguing if alcohol has a time and place in your diet, one thing is clear: it doesn't help you recover. What if you swore off all alcohol until the virus was controlled? What would the down-side be? Lose some drinking buddies? (maybe for the best)

  3. Demand High Octane Fuel - You're not mr. fushion; you're body is keeping score and the saturated fats and processed food in your diet are making you sicker; weaker. Nothing could make a stronger impact in your ability to fight disease then eliminating the thing that's making us sicker than anything out there.

  4. Demand Exercise - we don't have to tell you that exercise is healthy, do we? Activity, blood flow, and metabolic response are all your allies in the fight against pathology (of any kind). Keep training & do it in a way where you feel healthy and, dare we say great, when you leave. Save the nasty poopy workouts for another season. You're training to fight off sickness and, believe us, you need to.

In this season, make the biggest contribution to your family, your work, & your city by being the healthiest you can be.


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