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All-Cities Open

Every year in December since 2009, Cfdc has hosted and celebrated health and fitness thru an event we have called "ACO" or the All-cities Open. 

Over the years it's taken lots of dimensions: from the location, to the format, to the participants to the prizes. To be quite frank, the whole reason for hosting this type of event was to be original. That's right, to show the few doing crossfit at the time how original and innovative we could be. The ethos of Cfdc has always been thinking for ourselves and challenging each other's ideas.

So how do you challenge the idea of something that is now pretty common? Good question. First let's talk about what the answer (for us) isnt. It's not blindly following some format for generating profit and creating an additional revenue stream for folks that are already entrusting us with their fitness on a daily basis. We were, like others, headed down that path and we didn't like what we represented and what we were doing it for.

We do think it should be a celebration though. We do think it should be a community-driven event. More importantly, we think it should be focused on others. Some days, the hardest thing we do is workout and go to work. What a luxury! This holiday season there are many that don't find the joy of Christmas but the pain. This year, instead of focusing on ourselves, we want to focus on others. Specifically this year, the Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas (HVSD). All proceeds to them. Period.

The workouts will be team formatted, incredibly fun to watch and fun to participate in. Much like the classic hero workouts, those that participate will know they are doing it for greater reasons than to "look and feel good".

Competition starts at 8 and wraps around 12-12:30.

Three workouts, teams of 4.

To sign up go HERE.


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