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C·f·d·c In·tra·mu·ral O·pen

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

is that a pirate in the background? you'll have to show up to see for yourself



  • noun

--a small gym community located in Dallas, Texas. Known for coffee and vans consumption. Members are likely to be friendly and decent human beings.



  • adjective

--people of the same community to be involved in athletic competition with and against each other, and is separate from the international competition that exists thru the Crossfit Open.



  • noun

--an online fitness competition held world-wide thru

Each year, for the last 9 years, our community has participated in the Crossfit Open. This last spring we got together, divided up into teams like a good ol college fraternity and called it the Intramural Open. We had more fun than we knew what to do with.

This year, on October 11th, we are doing it all over again with an EVEN BETTER format. Check out these details below:

  • Mark your calendars for Fridays, starting October 11th thru November 8th (5 weeks).

  • We'll do the workout during the day but will have a special "night of champions" each Friday evening. This is a chance to do the workout, sure, but also hang with folks that you don't get to see every day

  • We'll be divided into 2 teams this year: The ROOSTERS vs The OWLS. [If your personal coach is marcela, lindsay, elissa or spencer, you are a Rooster. If your personal coach is chad, daniel, or brittney, you are an Owl]

  • You can do the workout whenever you want Friday, and can perform it however you'd like (change whatever you need to). You get a point for your team for participating! You workout in costume, you get an extra point! If you perform as 'it's written' and get a top 3 score throughout the gym, you get some extra points for your team too!

  • Whichever team has the most points at the end of 5 weeks earns the coveted 2019 Fall Intramural trophy and you will live eternal in the halls of Valhalla.

See you Friday the 10th!


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