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Cfdc Back To School Bash: RECAP

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

80 people deep for a "back to school" support group

If you were there last Saturday, we had a blast with you - free sweat, hats, stickers, champagne and coffee (maybe fried bread) were enjoyed by all!

If you missed it, you not only missed out on a PR number of people exercising at one time, but on some great information we shared afterward. Read below for the recap of what we talked about this weekend!

Cfdc's Direction

We look different than we did a year ago. As a staff, we talk extensively about how we want to make an impact and what the guiding force behind our business should look like.


We've decided that, for us, this means being the best at both group training & individual attention. On our home page it says "professional" and "personalized" health + fitness and we didn't put those words on there (just) because they sound cool.

While admittedly we've focused on the group dynamic in years past, this year we have formalized our individual attention process. Specifically, we've all gone thru the OPEX CCP and have spent a considerable amount of time practicing and improving our skill sets of nutrition, program design, assessment, & consultation - those attributes of care that can't be performed corporately like movement often times is.

Additionally, we've expanded our staff. While most of you have met Lindsay Smith, we couldn't be more excited to work together and officially welcome her to cfdc. She joins us with a vast amount of experience (9+ years of coaching) and a hefty background (we'll let her tell you...). What we found in common was a philosophy of training & desire to care for others personally and professionally. She is an amazing addition to our staff

Looking Back From January 2019

At the beginning of the new year, we debuted a very elaborate and detailed process for any athlete to get started at Cfdc. This includes a 75 minute consultation + assessment, a customized 'work-up' designed from the results of the assessment all before group membership.


We're not saying that it's easy for us (much easier just to throw people into a work out and 'wing it') or for the athletes (a larger financial and emotional investment by comparison), but the results speak for themselves.

This process is also uniquely Cfdc. While we've borrowed from sources everywhere, the remix is original and you won't find it anywhere else; so that's cool.

Looking Forward

For members beyond the first 6 months, we want to continue to customize the process

  • Number of Times / Week - Gone are the days where everyone is on an unlimited plan. You should know be dialed in to how often you train (2, 3, 4, & 5 times a week) and you should only pay for what makes sense. These vary from $40-48 / week.

  • Additional Personal Coaching - this blend of group training and individual attention is something that most of our members take advantage of. From accountability, to extra credit work, to nourishment for specific goals and body type - it's your call what we focus on. Varying by the amount of time we spend in-person or online, this ranges from $15-40 / week.

  • "One-off's" - sometimes you have an audible in your life (ongoing or extended travel, muscle tweaks, or targeted training) and need something outside of the norm for a bit. We got you; using our own online software, we can program for anything that comes across your plate. For more information, contact us here

Group Class Programming

We currently offer 3 programming variations that compliment each other and should be blended together for long-term health and fitness:

  • GPP/Group Class/Functional Fitness/Crossfit - Known by different handles, this is our capacity program (higher intensity, broad movements & constant variance). 11+ years old, this is the most tenured functional fitness program in the city and a mainstay of cfdc. We have these classes 6 days / week

  • PEAK - new to the scene, it is a remix of several successful programs we have trialed in the past. A combination of structural (i.e. functional bodybuilding) and aerobic (lower intensity/longer duration) work, it is growing in popularity as a much needed compliment or stand alone program for our members fitness. We currently offer Peak at 9:30am M-Th and at 6am on Tu&Th

  • BASE - a hybrid program geared toward restoration, it will include focused work on breathing, nontraditional yoga and basic body locomotion. We are really excited to unveil this program. Stay tuned for a flash-mob-style meet up with good vibes in tow! Subscribe to the blog and follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest details

This Fall's Happening's

  • The Cfdc Intramural Open (OCT 10th) - in conjunction with the Crossfit Open, we divide the gym up into two teams: the Roosters (you workout in the AM) versus the Night Owls (you workout in the PM). Much like west side story but with potentially less dancing, you for sure want to sign up to participate.

  • All Cities Open (December) - our 11th annual philanthropic event where we come together, workout for a good cause, and dress up to sing karaoke together. No typos.

And there you have it! A state of the union/quick check in for how we've been doing and what we've been cooking up for the future. We continue to be thankful and honored to train and care for the members of Cfdc!


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