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Cfdc Intramural Open: AM vs. PM

If you haven't noticed, the staff at cfdc is PUMPED for the intramural open. If you missed our last blog post, click here.

While the workout happens all thru the day, the evening block is where the party's at. Affectionately known as the "Night of Champions", we get together from 4:30-6:30 to hang out & workout.

Each week we have something special planned so you won't want to miss a single week

To sweeten the pot on the first week (october 11th...), we have designed two shirts that will only be available at the event.

Partnering with By Way of Dallas, we will have LIVE SCREEN PRINTING and limited edition shirts - this ONE NIGHT ONLY.

If you are with the AM Crew, your color gradient looks like the sun rising:


If you roll with the PM Crew, your color gradient looks like the sun setting:


WOW, right? You will be SO jealous if you miss out on this...

See you Friday, October 11th, starting at 4 to get your gear and & your workout on!


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