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Cfdc. Nutrition

We celebrate our 12th year of helping people get healthy and fit this April.

In the 144 months/624 weeks/4380 days that we've been observing, tinkering, and tracking what is effective and what is not, we feel very certain of the following:

  • The social environment/peer group/culture that we participate in is very important.

  • There are some things, despite the observed benefits of our social dynamic, that must be tackled individually.

This is not a paradox or contradiction, just layers. We want the support of others, but only once we know what we first need.

Something that we believe has to be individualized is nutrition. It should be if you think about it...the quality and quantity of what you eat is based on your activity level, what you want to accomplish, and what your individual lifestyle looks like.

For this reason, we have created Cfdc Nutrition.

It's a one-on-one, online coaching relationship that we believe is 100% effective.

The foundation of anything you want to accomplish, biologically, starts with what you eat. We want to provide the accountability, the systems, the experience & the education to get you there.

Like anything we roll-out, we didn't half-ass this. That means it's not for everyone. The price, the commitment and the accountability are only for a certain type of person.

For that reason, we are only taking 30 people for this initial cohort. We are not sure when we will open it again.

  • You do not have to live in Dallas or be a member of the gym to be considered.

Go here to read more about what we are doing and if it's something that would make your life better; we are in that business.


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