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Cfdc's TRIAD of Coaching

At Cfdc, we have a great culture. We have classes, programs and a physical location that people pay to gain access. However, our service is coaching.

The triad of coaching at Cfdc is:

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Group Membership

  • Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Coaching

We love the group atmosphere: the regular suspects that show up like clockwork, the shared experience, even the music!

We've realized over the years, that we can't accomplish everything in the group. When there are individual skills/tactics to work on, biased or targeted programming that's required, or even more individualized attention needed, we turn to personalized coaching.

We believe that everyone needs both. Our athletes need a group to belong to AND individual attention:

  • At church, this is time spent in a congregation and then time spent with a pastor.

  • If you're a Tony Robbins fan, this is the work-up with a coach before you attend the "UPW"

With health & fitness, it should be the same. The question isn't "should I" but rather "how often makes sense for my goals?"

We have personalized coaching options ranging from:

  • once every 6 weeks

  • once a month

  • twice a month

  • 4 times a month (1x/week)

These options range from $15-83/week*

Group Membership

The research is pretty buttoned-up that we are healthier when functioning within a tribe/social support structure. One of the things we are the proudest of is the community of support we have cultivated for the last 12 years.

Objectively: The classes are coach-led, you're moving the entire hour, & we customize around experience & individual differences.

Subjectively: Within this community, health is cool. It's cool to take good care of yourself and at cfdc, you'll feel empowered to do the same. As Seth Godin says: "people like us do things like this".

Each Class Type is included in our membership: you simply need to figure out (with your coach) how often you should attend Meta, Peak, & Base.

Based on travel, amount of personalized coaching, and work/life balance, we let our members decide the number of times they attend / week:

  • 2x / week

  • 3x / week

  • 4x / week

  • 5(+)x / week

These group options range from $40-48/week*.

Nutrition Coaching

While physical training is a large part of our practice, we have learned over the years that it's only HALF of what it means to be healthy.

A large part of any protocol for health and fitness is how you fuel yourself and how your lifestyle supports your goals.

We believe everyone can:

  1. learn the simple rules for sustainable nourishment

  2. benefit from continued support as work, stress, & life, in general, continue to throw us curve balls.

We have two options for nutrition:

  • Starter (initial education & planning, sample meal plans, and periodical check-ins)

  • Full Program (Weekly contact, an online app for tracking & accountability, and strategic planning)

These options range from $21/week - $37/week*


A large part of what makes Cfdc different is the type of coaching you can receive. These are the 3 core services we provide at Cfdc. We want each member to find the service or combination of services that make sense for their goals.

  • If you are new to Cfdc & would like to hear more, go here

  • If you are a member and want to customize your experience, please reach out to your assigned coach, or email us:

[*the prices listed above represent a weekly investment, but all our services operate on a monthly recurring basis]


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