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This summer, starting June 28th, we will be embarking on arguably one of the greatest books ever written (don't believe us? go here, here, and here):

While a run-of-the-mill summer reading program might start with an easy james patterson novel or the softball pitch of the novelized version of bridgerton, we at cfdc like to do challenging and rewarding things and therefore we are starting at the top!

It's like we could've not exercised on memorial day weekend and just mailed it in, but instead we decided to volunteer to perform MURPH. Why? Because there is something fun about starting something..not exactly sure how it will finish!

I want you to know that we didn't select this amazing book for the challenge. In these turbulent times, we can look for substance in our bookcase. Tolstoy, “the master-recorder of realities,” has created something that is incredibly valuable to the world we live in.

In these coming weeks and months, while every one of us has to figure out again how to live through the ups and downs of an ever-changing world, we would like to invite you to read and discuss War & Peace with us. Thousands of people have found that the more uncertain life is, the more solidity and structure Tolstoy’s novels provide.

War and Peace is a perfect book to read together for the duration of these warm summer months. The edition I have (translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky) is about 1,200 pages. It will take us about 30 minutes to read 12-15 pages a day (much less than the time many Americans spend on social media), and we will finish the novel in three months—just in time for fall, and with our spirits restored!

How It Will Work

Beginning Monday, June 28, we'll select a weekly passage to share with you on a special slack channel. We hope you'll share your thoughts and responses, and ask questions too.

What You Will Need

A copy of War and Peace! Any translation will do; I’ll be reading from the Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky translation. To prepare for the start of the book club on Monday the 28th, order your copy or grab the audiobook here. Your public library might also have copies (print and e-book) available too. For anyone unable to access a book, a free PDF is available through Project Gutenberg here.


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