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Cfdc Update 3/27

My days prior to this "work from home" period typically start very early. They consist of being at the gym, meeting coaches, meeting members, etc; typical "work" hours.

In the last 2 weeks I've had my up's and down's just like I'm sure you have, but my perspective has entirely been my own - either I'M up or I'M down. The whole world and what's happening has been seen through my OWN lens.

A few days ago, I'm tucking my two oldest daughters in for bed, and Scarlet (the 4-year-old) says "So, Daddy...are you telling me...that we get to see you AGAIN in the morning?"

I said "well, yeah" and she and her older sister had, like, an impromptu celebration.

That really stopped me. I got a standing ovation for just...being alive and not 'at work'.

After leaving their room I thought "while everyone is worried about the unemployment rate, my kids are having the time of their lives!"

Now don't get me wrong, THEY'VE been cooped up too. For sure. But fast forward to the video above, and I took a break from my make-shift office in our bedroom to see what was happening outside. Suns out, they're in swimsuits and Stella says "Hey Dad, watch this"

I just had to ask how she was doing with all of this, and that was her response (Scar's lack of response feels a little closer to my own!)

Let me 'bring it home':

While I'm looking at twitter, watching white house press conferences, & working long hours, my kids are

  • excited to have both of their parents home

  • happy the sun is out

  • thrilled to be given food to eat multiple times a day

  • and just, happy to be alive.

A pretty convicting perspective for me, that's for sure.

They wake up, (same as your roommate, or dog, or partner, or your own kids) just, seriously, STOKED. Remember that while you may be having tough days, there is someone, who loves you, that is just happy you're alive, and not at work.

Remember that.


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