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Design your (fitness) life.

Through periodization and customization, we can help you meet your goals…for the long term!

A few years ago a book came out of Stanford called 'Designing Your Life' - we mention it because the two authors connected how basic concepts of design could help us solve problems of our lives. The same way they prototype, and constantly iterate the iPhone, you could do that with parts of your life.

Now we believe that there is an optimal design and program for your individual health. As a component of coaching movement, nutrition, and behavioral health, there is this concept of program design.

What we’ve done for the year 2021 is create a long-term plan to develop you individually as far as fitness is concerned.

Now this involves two things:

  • Periodization

  • Customization

First, periodization - what we’ve done is planned out the year from a macro-cycle. This means that we’ve created periods throughout the year where the volume is higher and intensity is lower,

  • periods where the intensity is higher and volume is lower,

  • short transitions where both are low in order to recover, and

  • periods where we assess how we are doing.

Why would we do that? Well without a plan, without notes on the page, it’s hard to have confidence that you are headed in the right direction - and we want to set you up for long-term success.

For more information on the specifics of our long-term planning this year, please click the link attached to this video

2021 Programming
Download PDF • 1.95MB

Second, customization - having a general plan of where we are going is great, but it doesn’t mean ANYTHING if it doesn’t cater to your specific goals. Not everyone wants to row a 2k. Not everyone has muscle-ups in the cards. Not everyone wants to train for long term vitality at the moment. So you customize.

How do you customize? Well at first, you don’t really. You take an educated guess based on the input you get and then OVER TIME you iterate and reiterate until it is a customized version.

In plain english, we factor in

  • your goals,

  • your schedule,

  • your limitations from a movement standpoint (that we've tested)

  • coupled with the training schedule that we have, and

  • based on doing this 1000 times over the last 13 years, we know what you should and shouldn’t do.

We get asked the question a lot: how do you do that in a group environment? Well, first of all, we don’t always. We have lots of ways to train folks logistically and we’ll add them to those group hours only if it’s important to them and if it makes sense for there schedule.

If we DO end up at those group hours then there will certain parts of the hour that are completely generic, and then certain parts of the hour that are customized - much like you'd find with any sport team where different players have different training goals. Think that but with even more variation when it comes to health vs. performance goals.

So turn your nose up if your training with us, because you’re a part of a program that’s sophisticated; that’s effective.

If you aren’t a member and want more information, we'd love to meet you online and answer all your questions


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