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Different programs, different methods.

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

What are the current programs at Cfdc?

Why are they here?

Read below...

As we close out the last few weeks of the decade (wow), we at Cfdc want to appreciate everything we've experimented with as coaches and as a coaching business.

In the last (coming up on) 12 years, we've:

  • coached individuals, small groups (less than 10), large groups (10-20), & really large groups (30+)

  • programmed multi-day sessions, single-day sessions, single-joint movements, multi-joint movements, tempo, speed, isometric holds, cluster/wave/drop sets, undulating periodization, GPP, and other methods from the far future, dude.

  • Bathed in the waters of high-intensity, RPE training, NEAT, & MAP 1-10. (we're so method, we used to prick our fingers and draw blood to measure the amount of lactate in our blood during rest intervals...true story!)

  • Statically and dynamically stretched, focused on joint capsule versus soft tissue work. Foamed rolled, vibrated, gyrated & used more bands than we care to admit.

  • We've gone Atkins, zone, keto, carb backloaded, vegan, carnivore, fasted, time-restricted, and supplemented with all kinds of weird shit. We've intentionally gained weight, lost weight, and changed body-composition in good and bad directions.

We share all of this not to brag but to remind ourselves and YOU that we are the filter for your fitness and for your health.

Of all the iterations mentioned above, some were really great (and continue to be) experiences. Some were disasters! I personally don't regret any of it because it ultimately led us to a place where we can speak, with authority, on what works and doesn't work.

Want to hear the most ZEN answer for what works? It all depends.

  • It depends on age, stress level, experience level, desire, priorities, capacity to learn, goals, social support, and also what's available.

  • What has worked for one of us or some of our clients may not work for you. For example, training in a group is an excellent thing for a lot of people (provides an accountable & social environment), but for some people, believe it or not, they hate it. We've found that for some, training corporately actually gets them farther from their goals than where they started!

So back to the lecture at hand: programming and specifically, programs. Currently when we look at fitness, we see it like this: if you were going to sustain smart training long term, there are three things you would do:

  1. You would have workouts that were 'for time', high & low skilled, high-intensity, and this 'META-program' would expose you to the breadth and depth of what's possible in strength and conditioning.

  2. You would have workouts that were totally about sustainable conditioning. It would focus on aerobics, and it would focus on resistance training, but in a way that built you up and didn't burn you out. These workouts would be a great way to PEAK.

  3. You would need a third type that down-regulated you. That means there would be times where you need to slow WAY down. Build skills, stretch, and strengthen things in a way that can't be done thru conditioning. This would be the BASE of your health and fitness that you would always need to come back to.

What we've done is create that.

We have trialed (and erred) everything that exists out there to give you a tertiary set of programs that we believe covers the gambit of what we as humans should be doing:

  1. Anaerobic/high intensity/CrossFit = our META program

  2. Aerobic/sustainable/bodybuilding = our PEAK program

  3. Recovery/yoga/flow/stretch = our BASE program


The implications:

It means that as we look forward to 2020, we're a business that coaches people and we need more than one tool or program to get the results that our clients need/want.

We want to guide and bespoke the experience to exactly what you need (which programs & how often) or if that's not a good fit, give you exactly what you need to be your best.

If you are new to cfdc and want to test our mettle, we hold a free consultation to show you exactly how we go about it.


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