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EATP - Week 3/16-3/20

For the week of 3/16-3/20 we will hold training at 5626 Fondren.

  • Please download the pike 13 app and reserve your spot every single class time.

  • This will allow us to better prepare for the class size, safety and hygiene each hour.

  • The type of workouts you will perform will be geared towards minimal contact

  • Please bring whatever you need to feel clean and comfortable (gloves, your own disinfectant, etc)

In Addition

  • We will not allow drop-in attendance from in or out of town. Members only.

  • If you look sick, sneeze, cough, have traveled from a high exposure area, or otherwise seem a risk to our private community, we reserve the right to kindly ask you to 'call it a day'.

Most Importantly

We need each person to respond to their coach and

  • confirm the truecoach profile they've been sent via email

  • confirm what equipment you have access to outside of the gym

Our Plan

Our plan is to upgrade each of your coaching in this unique season. In the event that we must close, we will INCREASE our attention to your health, ensuring that we remain dedicated as professional coaches to you, our members.


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