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Emergency Action Training Plan (EATP)

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

As we closely monitor the development of COVID-19, we, as a staff, have talked at length of our role & responsibility.

We believe it is to coach.

If health is our greatest defense against sickness, we believe it is our duty to remain dedicated to their health despite the unique circumstances we find ourselves in.

  • We will continue to hold group training.

  • If needed, we will offer personal training, from home, at the same price as our group training memberships.


Training mods.

  • We will clean every day, every hour, & every service. We will do so at standard greater than what is required by the C.D.C.

  • We will modify the workout type where the highest degree of hygiene can be maintained.

  • We will ask each member to reserve their space in class so that we might adequately prepare to incorporate spacing and structure, based on the workout.


  • We will monitor all access to the facility. Members can participate in the coach-led group or be supervised directly by a coach.

  • We temporarily will not allow out of town drop-ins or members temporarily transferring from other gyms.

  • Our Cfdc Kids program will be the only time children under 17 will be allowed on-site.

  • For the month of March, we will not host open gym on Sunday.

Despite the measures above, we want to be sensitive to members that are logistically unable to attend class times or are generally concerned/nervous about training in public.

We have personally trained hundreds of members (using the internet) for the last several years. As an alternative to training in person, we want to offer this service, at no extra charge, to all our members.


Each member will be receiving a call from their tribe coach to be gifted the following (if needed):

  • Using our online application, we will take our member's individual goals and train/maintain them personally from the comfort of their homes.

  • We will base the frequency of training on the membership option they currently have (i.e. 2x-5x week).

  • While we typically charge between $349-$425 for this service, we will offer this at each member's current rate.

  • If there is a desire to increase service, add nutrition, or combine different coaching, we will take care to coach our members as they need in order to keep them healthy.


  • If anyone feels sick, even just a little bit, please stay home.

  • If someone does show up and they have the slightest flu-like symptoms, we will kindly ask them to leave.

  • If any member has been overseas, in severely infected states/cities or works in health-care where exposure to COVID-19 is logical, we will kindly offer to personally train you from the comfort of your home.

Remember, it is our job to protect our community while simultaneously building up their biggest margin of health against sickness.

We will strive to do both.

Yours in Health!



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