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Fitness isn't a fix.

Is your fitness trajectory going in the right direction?

In 2005 there was this revolution that happened for me and for many others: the introduction of high intensity thru energy system training.

Prior to this, you could

  • manipulate the volume and load, or even rest, of resistance training.

  • Manipulate the pace & distance for traditional cardioresp. moves (running etc).

  • Play specific sports and train the technique for that sport.

That's pretty much what everyone did.

To mix different elements together, go as fast as you can where you could not sustain the combination was, believe it or not, very novel.

So novel that it's had a huge cultural impact for several reasons:

  • It made it possible to move large loads, long distances, quickly.

  • From an energy system standpoint, it made it possible to combine traditional CP (i.e. strength and power) work + traditional aerobic work and turn it glycolytic. It turned the general population on to anaerobic training.

For years since then we've put anaerobic training on a pedestal. The benefits bleeding over into strength ("anaerobic work will make you stronger!") and the oxidative pathway ("anaerobic work will help your endurance!"). There are even studies that are correlating it with staving off colorectal cancer! No shit, man!

Further more, if you wanted me to get you in superhero shape (we'll say that means "improve body composition & improve work capacity") in 3 months or less, and you gave me three options in order to be successful:

  1. yoga

  2. high intensity exercise

  3. walking + resistance training

I would choose high intensity. It's so effective that it's easy to believe it's all we should be doing & that it will fix everything, forever!

However, fitness isn't a fix.

It's not a fix because it's not a short term problem we are solving. Fitness and health, really, should be used interchangeable. Being able to wake up, get outside in the sunshine, move around, feel good & look good isn't something you want for a short period of time in your life, is it?

It's not a "fix" like one might define an addictive "high" either. Exercise doesn't need to be so demanding each time we do it that we develop this compensatory model of exercise where we HAVE to suffer, HAVE to be in pain, or make it this game of survival in order for it to have "worked" (this may not be you, but it was for me for many, many years!)

Anaerobic training/high intensity training is something that is incredibly beneficial but if it's the only thing you are doing, hey, there is more out there.

It's been our observation that only training high intensity, long term, may not be sustainable (and that's a really nice, diplomatic way of saying "it's not"). Better yet, it may not be the ideal way to get fit and stay healthy.

So what's the answer then?

There are three energy systems (technically more, but it's easy for illustrative purposes to think like this):

You can train using all three. All three are awesome. The one you probably need the most of, long term, is not unsustainable high intensity intervals.

So what do you do?

  • keep doing the Crossfit class, the barry's bootcamp, or other program. Be self-selective in the pace you keep and turn most workouts into an aerobic pace. If it's sustainable that means it's, uh, sustainable...long term. (If you see someone who has done crossfit for more than a decade & they look relatively healthy, I'll bet money that they have either been self selective in the movements, pace and therefore intensity they have chosen long term OR they have taken seasons to bias their training, specialize or they are an android.)

  • Make your journey more individualized. You don't have to do everything that everyone else does for the rest of your life. Go train for a specific sport, get really strong, get your endurance up - get with a coach and make this season of your journey bespoke to you. Once again, self select to what you need at this time and phase of your life. Guess what? It probably won't be forever. It'll be a great change of pace and, we promise, you won't regret it

  • Completely switch up the priority and group program you are on...

Suckers! This whole artical was brainwashing! now you are under our control!!

Enter PEAK. Learn how to pace better. Prioritize health, progression and feeling good after a workout (wow, what does that feel like?!) Put a little more focus on the aerobics, maybe sprinkle some stability and strength endurance in there and who knows...maybe we've found something that you could do forever...


Starts June 1st.

Free for Cfdc members.

Drop-ins & non-members welcome.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 9:30-10:30.


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