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Group Class Mesocycle (June + July 2019)

Primary Intent:

Increase Gymnastic Pushing and Pulling Stamina

Increase Aerobic Power

Secondary Intent:

Gymnastic Skill Improvement

Over the next six weeks we will be seeing a linear progression for gymnastic pulling stamina (Ring Muscle Ups, Pull Ups, Ring Rows) and gymnastic pushing stamina (Strict HSPU, Feet Elevated, Knee Elevated HSPU).

Along with this linear progression, we will see one deliberately energy system focused workout each week. This will come in forms of intervals, but its modalities will still be mixed.

At the end of the progression (in 6 weeks) we will be re-testing the Max Unbroken Pulling and Pushing Tests along with the Row Test.

The goal is to see increased work capacity in high aerobic power and gymnastic skills.

For example, if you tested 2 strict pull ups, we hope you can achieve hopefully more than double that. If you achieved 20 strict HSPU, we hope you can get over 25. If you got 15 ring rows, we hope you can advance to strict pull ups. If you achieved 10 feet elevated piked push ups, we hope to get you doing strict HSPU.

The best bet at achieving this is attention to the details of the movements, practice, and consistency.


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