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If you are a 'Wo', you should 'WoPro'

pilates, spin, yoga, crossfit, boot camp, deep stretch

We’ve done them all.

Pilates, spin, yoga, barre, outdoor boot camp, indoor boot camp, deep stretch, HIIT, “functional fitness.”

There were days where we’ve Pilates'd in the morning, spun it up in the afternoon and yoga'd at suppertime.  We enjoy having longer workouts (45- to 60-minutes) with different daily challenges and intensities, so of course, we have to go to different places right?  

We claim we “like to switch it up,” but really:

- We don’t track our progress,

- We can't know what our goals are with competing programs, &

- We don’t fully connect with any program or person when we hop around

How can we claim this?  Because we were this person.  Deep down, there was this desperate need to find results and the only way we thought we could do that was going MORE places to do MORE things!

Thru trial and lots of error, we've become the best version of ourselves sticking to one specific program, consistently.  For us, that was at CFDC.

How's that?  We found:

- Variety in one place

- Results we were looking for (and others we weren't)

- Community and connection


The “constant variance” of CrossFit never allows us to get bored.  We no longer have to go to multiple studios in one week, and obviously not multiple studios in one day.  This has saved us time and money.


We have leaned out and toned up significantly more than any other program we've tried, but we also have, to our surprise, become more confident: we can carry multiple grocery bags like champs, we don't need to hire movers anymore, and we are growing more comfortable in our own unique bodies.


Socially, we want to see our new friends daily for total #FOMO, and as a result, we want to keep a regular workout schedule. We're encouraged when we find someone like us, working hard too.

In CrossFit, we've found all of this in a regular group class with regular people from all walks of life.  But what if we make it even better?

The “WoPro”

Women have needs that a mixed group of folks don't.  We perform better and are more consistent when we know it's a place that we aren't afraid to make mistakes, be vulnerable, and be surrounded by those just like us.  Sure, we still need to be strong and have variety, but we want to target the training towards looking and feeling our best; not necessarily being a competitive athlete.

More than one year ago, in June 2017, we introduced our Women’s Program at CFDC.  Our program has grown from 6 members to close to 20 members of all age groups and fitness levels, with each member getting specialized attention during each class time.

The hour-long class provides a fun and motivating environment, elevates your confidence in what you can do in and outside of the gym, and has been proven to give you soreness all over.  All of this in the shape of a "workout of the day.”

In this program, you’ll get the results that you’ve been looking for (or that you’re looking to maintain), through a mix of equipment, intensities, and formats.  This is your answer to finding a program that works and finding a room full of women and workout combinations that challenge you, while also providing the comfort, inspiration, and stimulation that you need to make fitness a habit and a commitment.

For our friends coming from other fitness environments outside of the CFDC community, fear not about having no prior experience with CrossFit.  We will always make you feel comfortable with every move during every class. You’ll always know how to make it harder, how to make it easier, and how to safely get the most out of the workout.  Because of this, and the supportive women around you, you’ll never feel like you’re out of your element.  You’ll feel like you’re a part of our WoPro team.

This program has it all.  Let’s see where we can take your fitness journey.

[*The WoPro meets at 9am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday weekly.  

Daily child supervision by two amazing babysitters is included in the monthly commitment.]


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