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If you're not changing everything, you're not changing anything

“If you’re not changing your eating, you’re not really getting in shape.”

Remember when you first stepped into the gym? Remember how you thought you knew what you were doing and then someone came along and guided you thru the land of ‘toomanychoices’, and showed you exactly what to do and why it was important? Fast-forward to today, and look how much you’ve learned! You still need the accountability, the on-going tweaks to your movement and program, but gosh you’re doing a lot better than you were…

Is nutrition any different? Would you do anything else in your life the way you approach nutrition? “yeah, I’m just going to workout for 30-45 days at a pace that I can’t keep up with for the rest of my life and then I’ll stop because I’m so burnt out. I’ll go back to exactly where I was before, or maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be even worse”.  

That’s INSANITY. Yet, for many of us, it’s how we’ve approached it. We sign on for challenges, we starve ourselves for short term goals and we enthusiastically go in the direction of something that we CAN NOT keep up. 

There is a better way. Instead of the latest fad diet, we need better habits. We need consistency. We need a coach to listen to where we are at, have the wisdom and experience to prescribe the right habits in the right order and hold us accountable with objective metrics. 

Cfdc has taken data from the last decade (12 different previous nutrition challenges, 100’s of athletes, 2 advanced degrees in human behavior and cognition, multiple nutritional credentials) and has created a program that, if followed, will work. 100% guaranteed or your money back. 

Due to the individual attention received and the priority on quality, this will be limited to the first 50 athletes who sign up.

More information and a chance to reserve your spot will be available August 27th @ 7pm at 5626 fondren.

Program officially kicks off September 3rd


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