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Lifestyle Repentance (also known as 'more workouts must be better!')

'Exercise is a potent activity to adhere to that can promote weight loss.' 

That’s about as far as that statement can go. The research is pretty much buttoned up on that one. You can not rely on exercise alone to achieve the body composition you are looking for. 

We’re sure we’re not speaking to anyone we know when we say that performing back to back workouts (because you drank last weekend, missed yesterday’s workout or because you really want to loose that last 5-10 pounds fast) is about as logical as brushing your teeth 2 times in a row because you missed yesterday. 

Those folks that go down that road are basing their science on something that’s actually not true: you can’t outtrain (i.e. compensate thru exercise) your diet.

Hey, it's easy to do. It has actually worked. You went from sedintary to active and you did lose weight. We know for sure that there is a 'sweet-spot' of activity that helps the body burn calories. But there are other factors at play and exercise isn't quite the academy award winning lead-actor we thought it to be...

When talking about "burning calories", it seems like a binary and simple formula, but is actually more complex: 

  • 70% of your daily calories are burned at rest. This is your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

  • 15% of your daily calories are burned from daily activities. This is your Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

  • 10% of your daily calories are burned from eating food. Digesting Protein burns more calories than fats and carbs. This is called the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF).

  • 5% of your daily calories are burned from exercise. This is called Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (EAT).

As you can see, more exercise is not the solution to more fat loss. Exercise is a stimulus. The solution for maximum fat loss is as follows:

  • increase your BSM by resistance training (add muscle and burn more calories at rest)

  • stay active during the day. stand when you work, take 10 min walks after you eat

  • put all your energy and motivation into nutrition and lifestyle improvement 

  • exercise, in that order.

What this should communicate is that exercise is certainly important, but in no way the whole equation. You have to take a hard & honest look at your lifestyle and your nutrition.

Cfdc has taken data from the last decade (12 different previous nutrition challenges, 100’s of athletes, 2 advanced degrees in human behavior and cognition, multiple nutritional credentials) and has created a program that, if followed, will work. 100% guaranteed or your money back. 

Due to the individual attention received and the priority on quality, this will be limited to the first 50 athletes who sign up.

More information and a chance to reserve your spot will be available August 27th @ 7pm at 5626 fondren.

Program officially kicks off September 3rd


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