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when is it

6 weeks (April 5th-May 15th)

what is it exactly

"it's a kickstart to long-term nutritional habits. It's a game and it's a community event."

Every day you'll have 6 habits you'll try to accomplish (6 habits for 6 weeks, get it?). Those daily habits are:

  1. eat 3 times a day

  2. eat protein at every meal

  3. eat a vegetable at every meal

  4. eat healthy fats at every meal

  5. drink 1/2 bodyweight in ounces of water each day

  6. Eat until you are 80% full

  • Do this with friends (those at the gym but nonmembers can join too) and hold each other accountable.

  • We don't expect perfection, but an improvement from where you are currently at is the goal

What we'll provide:

  • an online, private weekly workshop (zoom at 4 on Mondays) discussing each one of the 6 habits, a short q&a, and a highlight of experiences and 'wins'

  • Video and written content for meal plans, how to shop, how to prep and cook, and how to 'measure food without measuring food'

  • accountability and coaching through the 6 weeks from your tribe coach (or coach you are assigned if not a member).

  • a healthy, group environment to be supported by your peers, versus going at it alone.

  • An opportunity to continue working with a coach at which point you launch from the basics into more individualized approaches


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