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PEAK: deconstructed

Our peak program starts in less than a week and we couldn't be more excited. If you are already bought in and want to join, go here. If you missed the first few posts we made, go here & here.

For the rest of us that always appreciate more information, here are some questions you might have and, hopefully, some helpful answers.

Question: Cute tag line "sustainable conditioning". What does it actually mean?

Answer: when we say 'sustainable' it means that its aerobic in nature and repeatable in terms of effort. That's the context within a workout. Long term, when we think of exercise that we could keep up with for 20+ years, we believe it looks a lot like this program. Conditioning, meanwhile, suggests a "learning through the experience of training"

Question: So what is it exactly?

Answer: the workouts will still be varied and coach led, but you will see a bias toward movements that promote motor control, aren't overly complicated, and over time will improve stability & strength. Good examples would be carries, holds, single arm & leg, bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, a little barbell, a dash of medicine balls, etc. There will also be lots of aerobic based movements. Examples of that might be running, rowing, fly-wheel biking, ski-erg-ing (if thats not a word then we trademark it!). There will be workouts where those categories are separated and repeated and there will be workouts labeled 'mixed-modal' which is a super sexy way to say 'we'll blend movements together into one combined workout'

Question: Could you show me a sample workout or two?

Answer: Sure!

Example 1:

35-minute clock, not for rounds:

5 back squat @ 31X3 Tempo 75 power singles 12 DB seesaw press with 2 sec pause at top (6 per side) 12 ring row with 2 sec pause at the top -rest as needed between rounds (1-2 minutes preferred)

Example 2:

(a1) dual KB single leg deadlift: 12 reps per leg with 3 sec descent

(a2) single arm pendlay DB row: 10 reps per arm

x 3 sets +

(b) 4 sets not for time:

10-12 barbell windshield wipers 20-30 sec supinated chin over bar hold 14-16 loaded box step downs (7-8 per leg @ 3111 tempo) 30 jump switch lunges

Example 3:

15 minutes for total calories: assault bike

(immediately into)

15 minutes for total calories: row (*Every 3 minutes, perform 2 turkish get-ups per side) +

(b) 800m odd object carry

Question: What if there are some movements that 'one' might be unfamiliar with or can't initially do? Asking for a friend...

Answer: While we'll be moving the majority of the hour, we'll be coaching the whole time and making sure 'your friend' is getting the right weight, movement, and as a result, the workout as we intended it.

Question: can anyone join? what's the barrier of entry here?

Answer: anyone can join, you don't have to be a member at cfdc and all you have to do is sign up here before you come in (there should be a waiver you fill out too).

Question: will you guys go over nutrition? Lifestyle?

Answer: we wish we could do that justice within the hour, but we will not & we have a few reasons why.

  1. the workouts are longer than your typical functional fitness class, you'll essentially be moving the whole time & we want to respect that 'movement' is the primary reason you are there.

  2. Along those same lines, we will be coaching you and you'll have to take some instruction, but we don't plan on spending a lot of time with you standing around and us lecturing.

  3. Your priorities for training & the lifestyle factors you have (stress, sleep, nutrition, recovery, etc) make you pretty unique (don't get a big head). If that's true, then it would workout much better to go over that stuff one-on-one.

We think that stuff is super important and therefore have created a really good structure around consulting, assessing and giving recommendations for those things. If that's something you are interested in, go here

Question: how much does it cost?

Answer: the program is $164.80. It will meet initially at 9:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. We have plans to expand those times but won't immediately.

Question: Can I drop in or do I have to be a member?

Answer: You can drop in. The cost is $30

Question: Is there ever a free class or some free session?

Answer: No

Question: I'm a member at cfdc, can I attend this class too?

Answer: Peak is included in cfdc membership & we hope you do!

Question: last question, all this talk about sustainability and aerobic work, are you poo-pooing on Crossfit? On high intensity work? Is there something wrong with me getting my 'wod' on?

Answer: well, of course not. We do, ya know, have a program that is all about capacity and aerobic + anaerobic conditioning; with inclusion of higher skill movements and all that jazz. (You drank the koolaid? we've bathed in it, babae). You should totally be doing that if it is in line with your goals. We just feel very strongly that the pendulum has swung too far towards unsustainable work, such that it's the only thing you can do to get in shape. While we like a tasty wod as much as the next girl, it just simply isn't true that it's the only way to get healthy or fit. So long story short, PEAK is just #different not necessarily better than high intensity.

Question: how do I sign up again?

Answer: Right here


Starts June 3rd.

Free for Cfdc members.

Drop-ins & non-members welcome.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 9:30-10:30.


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