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"Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads."

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Great movie quote, inefficient way to train. At first, anything will work and a 'shoot from the hip' plan has little consequence. But if you want to take your training seriously and KNOW you’re getting better, there needs to be a plan. A roadmap. Something that gets you from point A to point B effectively and safely.

The Sweat Good club will utilize the roadmap idea with testing and training to progress you through two of the three energy systems: the aerobic and the anaerobic.

There are three energy systems in which everyone uses throughout the day.

Aerobic energy system, anaerobic energy system, crossfit, gym, exercise, work-out

The idea of the circles within circles diagram is to show that these energy systems are constantly working together. One does not act independently of another. But it is possible to train to improve a specific energy system with certain work to rest protocols. Sweat Good will do this to improve both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, progressing power output and endurance respectively. The CP-ATP energy system can benefit by training the other two, but it will not be a focus of the Sweat Good club (Cc: Barbell and Bodybuilding clubs). 

The feeling of these two energy systems is quite different.

  • Anaerobic training is “without oxygen” and is about unsustainable work for energy output. It’s okay if the outcome of each effort decreases a bit during a session. Just know that when you perform this, you will move fast and it burns!

  • Aerobic training on the other hand is about keeping something as sustainable as possible. This doesn’t always mean easy but repeating the same scores across the board is a key to success, we like to call this “fun hard.” 

AEROBIC Energy System longer efforts that can be repeated many times - keyword: SUSTAIN

ANAEROBIC Energy System shorter efforts; unsustainable level of creating energy - keyword: PAIN

CP-ATP Energy System strength training - keyword: GAIN

To progress we will build from POWER to ENDURANCE in anaerobic training and ENDURANCE to POWER in aerobic training.

  • Anaerobic training sessions will occur once per week. They’ll start on the short end with little volume. Once you have adapted to the stress of going fast you will have the opportunity to go longer. These efforts are meant to test the limits of unsustainable work. Remember, this is a much different feeling than aerobic training. Keyword - PAIN. At first we will decrease the rest periods between sets and THEN we will increase the timeframe of each interval.

  • Aerobic training sessions will happen twice per week. The first few weeks will focus on longer work intervals with typically a 1:1 work to rest ratio. During these intervals the pace is that of a race lasting 3-4 times longer than that interval. Another way of putting it is the timeframe is equivalent to 25% of the actual race (test) time. This way you can focus on quality movement, proper breathing, and patience without major consequence (like bonking on a race). It’s always smart to under-pace and perform longer sessions to build the base of support for going faster. Build volume at that pace first and THEN increase the intensity. Keyword - SUSTAIN. Week to week we will reduce the time intervals in the training and increase the pace - going faster for shorter durations but still maintaining consistent efforts across the board.

If you want to dive deep into energy system training - JOIN US. We will just be scratching the surface with aerobic power and anaerobic training protocols. Amazing fitness and health benefits will be made. The key to success? CONSISTENCY. Not every training session will be a sexy workout but all have purpose. Trust the process and follow the roadmap. In the end you will be more powerful, more enduring, and have a better grasp on how to pace every workout you come across.

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