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Snatch; Much Good.

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Why is the Snatch Important?

In the world of functional fitness there are many “full-body” exercises...and then there’s the snatch. If we are performing these movements in the gym to prepare us 'for the real world' it's not like you're seeing the snatch at the grocery store or out on the street. So why take the time to learn how to snatch properly instead of, oh I don't know,  just skipping that Workout of the Day? The first step is understanding the benefits of the snatch. Three of those benefits are:

  • body awareness,

  • mobility and

  • body composition

Body Awareness

Put simply, body awareness is being aware of where your body is situated in space. In the snatch there’s a sequence of how the body is supposed to perform the movement.

  • First, the legs take action 

  • Then, we see the hips and back comes into play and

  • Lastly, the arms pull to continue the rhythm and flow.

Being unaware of your movement pattern will cause you to move out of order - which ultimately will lead to an unsuccessful lift. So what does this have to do with everyday life? Well, being aware of how your body moves in space, and its pattern in movement will lead to less injuries, and believe it to not, improve brain function. Less injuries, you say? Well, yeah. Practicing stabilizing your core musculature before using your extremities is the same act you take every time you step off a curb. Chances are those that have less practice with basic motor patterns are going to find themselves on the ground more often than those that do. Do you have to snatch to be great at stepping off a curb? No, but we argue that those with the coordination to do the snatch and practice a much harder movement (from a coordination standpoint), are not the first in line to hurt themselves with a much easier task that life throws our way.


If you can go thru the full range of motion that a full snatch requires, we can start to make some assumptions that your joints are working pretty well! The snatch in particular tests the range of motion of your ankles, shoulders, and hips. Mobility and stability go hand in hand here - meaning with mobility (passive range of motion), you are also improving your stability or strength thru this range of motion. These muscles act to keep your spine safe and transfer to your ability to lift heavier in other movements, without fearing injury.

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Body Composition

Body Comp, you say? Oh yeah. Think about it: if you are using your whole body, moving a bar the greatest distance it could possibly travel, and you pick a weight that you can continuously move, it’s one of the greatest movements you could add in for fat loss. Mix that in with a couple of other movements and you got a potent combo to shred, na’mean? That’s right, you don’t need to be a cardio bunny to lose fat. The snatch requires high speed and energy in many large muscle groups which cause your metabolism to spike, thus leading to burning off body fat.

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So game, set, match; the snatch is awesome and worth practicing, even at light weight…but first you gotta learn it!

If you are interested in deep diving into this incredible lift, join us for the Cfdc Barbell Club Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:30 PM at Fondren

For More Information and to schedule your free 30 min consult (members & nonmembers alike), click HERE


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