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Testing and training have gone hand-in-hand since as long as physical training has existed.  In our opinion, you can't have one without the other.  It's a lengthy topic of debate - which is pointless to argue anyways because the answer is pretty obvious: training without testing is usually a road to no-where. How else do you know if what you are doing is actually working?  Likewise, ONLY testing or having benchmark tests as training sessions is a road to no-where, and most often, leads to some degradation of performance.

If you compete in a sport, the test is pretty obvious: it's the sport you participate in.  You train, you compete, and the results of the competition give you insight on what needs to change in a training plan.  But what about fitness athletes?  If health, wellbeing, body composition, and longevity are your masters - do you need to compete in a sport to see that your training is effective?  Or could you have a series of tests built into your training to ensure progress?  We think you can.  (And we have for a while, and so has everyone else).

Watch below as Brian and Thomas give some insight to the Large Group and Small Group Benchmarks.  Scroll below the videos to see the outline of the current Benchmark's we are using to assess your fitness and help direct the efficacy of your training.


These benchmarks apply to both PacElm and Fondren Large Group sessions.  We've divided them into three categories inherent to GPP: energy system (short, medium, and long), strength, and skill benchmarks.  We've given a male and female standard for them, though some of the benchmarks have a universal standard.  See below:


Short Tests (male/female)

800m run - sub 3:00 for males and females

500m row/rest 90 sec/500m row - 1:30/1:45

Jackie - 7:00/9:00

Karen - sub 6:00 for males and females

3x [25 burpee/25 KBS] - sub 6:30 for males and females

Medium Tests (male/female)

2000m row - 7:15/8:45

1.5 mile run - 10:00/12:00

Helen - 9:00/11:00

Secret Service Snatch Test - 175 reps for males and females

"JT" - 10:00/15:00

[400m run+50 pull-ups+400m run+50 push-ups+400m run+50 sit ups+400m run+50 air squats] - 12:00/15:00

Longer Tests (male/female)

5000m row - 20:00/24:00

[18 min AMRAP: 15 box jump, 12 push press, 9 toes to bar] - 12/8 rounds

"Nate" - 15/7 rounds

"Triple 3" - 45 minutes for males and females

60 min mixed AMRAP - 7 rounds



Back Squat 1RM - 1.5x bodyweight/1x BW

Deadlift 1RM - 2x BW/1.5x BW

Power Snatch 1RM - 1x BW/.75x BW

Power Clean 1RM - 1.25x BW/1x BW

Bench Press 1RM - 1.25x BW/1x BW

Max reps strict pull-ups + max reps strict dips (combined score) - 25/15



Max strict HSPUs - 10/5

Max unbroken double unders - 100 reps for male and female

Max ring muscle ups - 5/2

Max height box jump - 52"/40"

Max time L-hang - 60 seconds

Max pistols in 3 mins - 40

HS walk for distance - 25m

Max kipping pull-ups - 45/20


Our assessments for small group are a tad more in depth, and aren't pass/fail standards like the Large Group, but are calculated to give us insight into the "why" behind your current fitness - knowing the why helps us be insanely informed as to the "how" we can improve.  We break these assessments up into 3 levels - this does NOT reflect that you are good, better, or best, but seeing the limitations of your fitness and where you shine create a whole athlete picture.

The categories for each level are: push, pull, double leg squat, single leg squat, bend, core, anaerobic fitness, and aerobic fitness.  As it stands, once you've passed all the Level 1 standards, it's time to test the Level 2.  Once someone has laid down a score in all the Level 3 tests, this means they've taken ALL the level tests up to that point.  See below:


Powell Raise, 10lbs x AMRAP e/arm @ 3010

Max reps bodyweight dips

20RM goblet squat

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, AMRAP e/leg @ 3010

Deadlift 1RM (bodyweight goal)

60 sec row (measuring max average watts divided by bodyweight) 10 min Assault Bike for max calories


Max reps bodyweight pronated pull-ups

Weighted Dip 1RM

Back Squat 1RM

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, 8RM e/leg @ 3010

Deadlift 1RM (125% of BS goal)

Max time L-sit, 90 seconds

Assault Bike: 10 sec rolling start into 20 sec sprint @ 100% for max cals

2000m row

AMRAP in 30 minutes [25 air squat, 20 cal ski erg, 15 no jump burpees, 10 kipping pull-ups]


Weighted pronated pull-up 1RM

Close Grip Bench Press 1RM

Front Squat 1RM

Max Height Box Jump

Single Leg Vertical Leap

Power Clean 1RM

Power Snatch 1RM

Max Strict Knees to Elbows

100m uphill sprint

60 sec assault bike for max calories

For time [250m row, 25 KB swings, 15 burpees, 25 KB swings, 250m row]

3000m ski erg time trial

30 min MAF Test

60 minute row for max meters

90 min AMRAP [1300m row, 200m farmer's carry, 15 wall walks, 55 double unders]


Our job is to create the best well rounded training plans for you respective groups, and make sure they actually work, while keeping the 30,000ft view always in sight.  The more information we have about the groups we coach the better the program will be.  Can we create good training plans without testing information?  You betcha.  Can we create WORLD CLASS training plans without your testing information?  NO WAY.

Understand how testing is simply an insight to where your fitness sits currently - there's no personal value on your performance (we think you're great no matter how you fare).  All you have to do to help us is ensure that you don't miss out on the published benchmark days, and that you're recording your results so Brian, Thomas, and Marcela can deliver the best program possible for you (Large Groups in SugarWod, Small Group in our top secret coach managed spreadsheet).

Any questions?  E-mail us, find us after a class, call us on our cell phones (maybe), and we'll make sure you understand the process and are on track to be the fittest, most badass version of yourself EVER.


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