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The Good News Of It All.

In these challenging times, I'm reminded that the world is a complicated place. Because of that complexity, it means there is an infinite number of ways to interpret what is happening.

However, there is always a way to make 'heaven out of hell". There is always a different "game" you can play if the one you've been playing can't be played!

The most functional game you could start to play would take advantage of the time you have that otherwise would not be available...AND would make you healthier.

  • Physical Health - With inevitably less time exercising than normal, pivot toward perfect nutrition since you'll be cooking all your meals!

  • Mental Health - download this app and go on a meditation feast as long as the restrictions are in place!

  • Social Health - What a great excuse we have to call someone that you haven't spoken to (for whatever reason) and say "hey, I just wanted to call and check on you"

While we can't make a phone call for you or guide you through meditation, we CAN help with nutrition. Hey, maybe now is a perfect time?!

If you want an ally to walk you through meal planning, what to eat when activity levels are lower, how to eat to boost immune levels, please reach out to us here - we do this remotely and would love to care for you in this unusual time!


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