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The riddle you can't solve yourself.

Here’s a riddle for you:

What do most people struggle with it, but can’t live without?

Answer: food

True, ain’t it? We eat because we ‘deserve it’, instantly regret it (after the fog has cleared), yet we can’t quit cold turkey! You have to eat to live, so this is the one thing in life (not even exercise) that you HAVE to figure out. 

The good news is it’s not impossible to have a good relationship with food. Think of the good relationships you have with other things in your live. How did you get there? Were you so strict with the parameters of that relationship and made yourself miserable in the process? We’re guessing, um, no (hopefully). More than likely, you started tiny little habits that seemed very doable, that you liked (or at first didn’t mind) and you slowly, gradually progressed from there.

Nutrition, brothers and sisters, can be the same. However, you can’t go it alone. Like frodo headed to Mordor or Katniss headed to the Hunger Games, it really helps to to have a guide. It helps to have someone who’s seen some sh*t; been in the trenches, are we right? 

Cfdc Nutrition takes the aggregate habits of our most successful nutrition clients and presents them in a fool-proof blueprint. We’ve found it’s the tiny little daily improvements that produce the greatest yield and we are ready to release it to the community at large. We are so confident that, if you sign-up and follow our recommendations, we 100% guarantee results or your money back. 

Due to the individual attention received and the priority on quality, this will be limited to the first 50 athletes who sign up.

More information and a chance to reserve your spot will be available August 27th @ 7pm at 5626 fondren.

Program officially kicks off September 3rd


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