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Video Summary

Programming for the next three weeks

  • We'll be programming a deload week for the majority of our members, for more information about what that means, go HERE

  • After this week, we'll have three weeks of intensification, or 'intense-based training'. That means we'll ramp up the weight and pace and look to PR everything we have prioritized for this quarter


  • We will perform Murph in honor of Memorial Day on May 29th (a saturday)

  • We will hold 3 training options to perform murph and they can be found here

  • After the three heats (7:00, 8:30, and 10) we will have some food and beverage provided

  • Friends and family are welcome to join, but they MUST sign up ahead of time. We will not take day of drop ins

Limited Edition Gear

  • We will have a VERY limited run of t-shirts, cropped tanks, and 'penny' reservable jerseys

  • There will be no preorder and there will be no inventory left after may 29th. If you want a t-shirt,etc, you'll have to show up on May 29th.

Survey results

  • While the request results for 530/630/730 was not as dramatic as we thought, we will still modify the schedule but towards the middle to end of the summer.

  • We will over communicate that change and won't spring it on you

Signing into class

  • We will still need you to sign in before you come.

  • There were several people that expressed concern about growing numbers in class

  • If you show up and have not signed up before hand, we reserve the right to turn you away (If the class if full)

    • please don't make us do that. please sign up ahead of time

Independent Training

  • Anyone with a membership is welcome to join during the day. You're workout instructions are provided in detail within your truecoach profile

  • Grab a few friends, determine when you want to meet up and take advantage of a great perk only at CFDC

  • Added (starting on the 17th) an additional IT block from 3-4:30

Customer Success Manager

  • A new position at cfdc to ensure a great transition into our community and culture

  • Look for Coach Chance outside of class; helping answer any questions you have and supporting you in addition to your own personal coach


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