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What got you here, may not get you there.

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Here’s a scenario:

You’ve been working out with a group of friends for a few years. At first everything was great. You were convinced you found the “magic pill” and had the results to show for it. But something happened—you aren’t progressing as quickly as you used to. In fact, lately you’ve put on a few pounds (and not the good kind). You’re starting to think maybe it’s time to switch things up. But how?

Sound familiar? I’ve heard this story a thousand times and so many people experience this. It’s not all your fault; there are many pieces to this puzzle.

Here’s one solution: Independent Program Design

Independent Program Design (IPD) is a one coach to client, all-encompassing program. The goal is to meet you exactly where you are on your fitness journey. Be prepared to deep dive into your lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and sleep patterns.

You’ll work directly with a coach who consults, assesses, and writes a fitness based program based directly on the results he/she sees from you.

You will not be intimidated by movements or workouts that you know you shouldn’t do.

This leads to a longer-term, safer, better progression of your fitness, health, and wellness.

Before you say “I really love the community of a group class” hear me out. The “independent” part of this program is the plan. The training is not; you will not be alone. You will build an amazing relationship with your trusted coach while having access to the gym with a coach on-site. She/he may be your coach or someone else’s, either way you’ll get the attention you need. The best part is there will be other like-minded people following their own independently designed plan - sounds like community to me!

The assessments will be ongoing. No guess work here—there are hundreds of proven benchmark tests that will be used to gauge your progress. On top of these ongoing check-ins, your coach will constantly look at your movement, your recovery, and your readiness to train on a daily basis to ensure you are moving in the right direction at all times.

The program will never be a template. It will always meet you where you are and progress with you. With a program that ebbs and flows like you do, you will have less plateaus, and you’ll progress longer and faster than you would otherwise.

On top of the training plan your coach will design your nutrition and lifestyle protocols specifically to your needs. Just like the plan, they will progress with you and once it’s dialed in, you will find those missing puzzle pieces of progress that have eluded you in the past.

If this speaks to you or you’ve found yourself in a similar scenario, find a coach and ask about IPD. If you’re unsure, try going through an assessment. The worst that could happen? — you’ll learn something new about yourself.

For more information or to schedule your free consult to see if IPD is right for you, click HERE


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