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What the hell does "Cut from a Different Cloth" mean?

Question: What is this?

Answer: ...glad you asked.

First of all, it's an identical acronym (put your hand over the other letters besides "cfdc"...see?) as Crossfit Dallas Central & we wanted a tag line that meant something to us. I suppose we could have gone with "we want to continue to think about the best way to help others with fitness and beyond" (or WWTCTTATBWTHOWFAB for short), but that would be hard to fit on a T-shirt.

More importantly, its a battle cry to: never turn a blind eye when there is a better way. What's the opposite of Cfdc? I guess it would be "cut from the same cloth", right? "Same old, same old". That's pretty lame. Let's be the opposite of lame, everybody!

Question: why should I buy a t-shirt?

Answer: Look, you're mysterious. You can't be put in a box and labeled. You don't identify as a run of the mill crossfitter; you are so far evolved beyond that. You pick your fashion not just to work out in, but when you walk into ANY room, you want people to say:

  • "oh my god, who is that and WHAT is that shirt?"

  • "is that the new collab for Fear of God?" "is that Kanye's next vision?"

  • "What are they all about? They must be says it right there on their shirt!"

They might come up and ask you:

  • "hey what is that shirt?"

  • "Where can I get one?"

  • "what does that mean?"

Your response?

..Oh you DON'T respond. Not wearing that f*ckin cool cotton, you don't. You give a nod, maybe a wink, and you're on your way. A sartorial vision they're not even sure was real. Here's what they DO know've shown them a better way. Their life will never be the same. They're going to be a better father, maybe call their mom this mother's day; finally quit smoking those panamas.


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