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Why We'll Always Need Coaching.

The word 'coaching' for us, doesn't mean 'show and tell'. Sure there is an aspect of our job that is all about training, but we don't believe that is all you need nor do we believe it's what 'coaching' fully means.

Coaching is guiding or supporting, another person, towards a goal.

Initially, coaching might look like instruction, but soon it looks a lot more like

"believing that a client is a smart, capable person that knows the solution, but needs support & guidance in that process."

If life stayed static and never changed, you might argue that you don't need a coach, once you've mastered the basics. But it does. There are disruptions. These disruptions run the gambit from MAJOR (loss of a loved one, career change, parenthood, etc) to the minor (best asked by questioning "what are you tolerating?").

What you'll need coaching on is the great mystery. At some point, it's less about exercise and it's more about your life, as it continues to change (lifestyle, how you perform in your roles and jobs in life, how you fuel and treat your body, physically and mentally).

Does this coach need to be a subject matter expert on your family, your career or your lifestyle?

...only if you have no idea what you are doing.

Our guess is that's not the case! Our guess is you know exactly what to do. Our guess is that you primarily need a mechanism for support and guidance. If that's true, then a coach needs to

  • deeply listen

  • become the supportive container the client needs

  • give homework and accountability.

If we agree, then every person needs a coach...

We think about coaching much differently at Cfdc. If your interested, or think someone you love might be, go to this link and sign up for a free intro to understand exactly what we do


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