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Why You'll Fail (with nutrition) on Your Own

First of all, let me say that the way we are talking and thinking about nutrition is not new. All we've done is remixed, with better technology and partnerships, things that we have been doing for a long time.

  • We've hired an expert staff member that is really good at this stuff and is managing the process.

  • We've organized the system that provides accountability and adherence.

You've heard of those two words, "accountability" and "adherence", but do you know why they are so important?

  • Do you know why you'll fail if you just read a diet book?

  • Why you'll fail if you watch game changers and tell yourself you'll go vegan for 2 months?

It's not that the book is bad or that plant-based eating is doomed to fail; it's because knowing what to eat, how to eat, and why good nutrition is important is only half the battle.

The real struggle (for all of us) is implementing dietary changes and producing a high level of compliance. Honestly, that's what Cfdc Nutrition is all about. Yes, there is a ton of resources we've put together (i.e. what to buy at trader joe's, what your dinner should look like while traveling, the amount of protein you need, where do supplements come into play) but the infrastructure surrounding this program is compliance.

Think back to anything you said you were going to do...and didn't follow thru with.

Did you fail because you were too dumb to grasp the concepts of what you needed to do? You?! The college educated high-achiever? I doubt it. If you are smart and you grasp the general concepts, why did you fail?

You needed an ally that knew:

  • where to start you

  • how to interact with you &

  • how to handle relapses.

You're not, actually, a failure. You're not too dumb/busy/apathetic/poor/dysfunctional for nutrition to just need some help.

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