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Cfdc Services.

A BioPsychoSocial Model 

of Health + Fitness


Long-term not 'crash and burn' 

our goal in coaching nutrition is to discover a long-term, successful approach to healthy nourishment


We collect data and prescribe based on individual goals and insight. One size does not fit all


Our model is designed to progress from the basics to more specialized approaches. We typically take 8-12 months to periodize through these phases.

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Loads, tempo, volume, frequency, energy system preference and goals - these are all factored in to your 'bespoke' program.


Meeting your goals require long-term planning. We assess, gain insights, and create a long-term plan so there is no guess work along the way.

General to Specific 

We coach GPP (general fitness) as well as preparation to specific events (sport + highly specialized training)


Comprehensive Health 

Since health is a state of 'physical and psychological well-being', we coach our clients towards a better mental and physical state.

Psychological Well-Being 

We prescribe to Ryff's model of well-being and train our clients specifically in motivation and purpose, resiliency, & autonomy.

Personal Potential 

We believe peak performance is the blending of physical training, psychological education, and the pursuit of a yearly 'quest': a challenging and rewarding experience that drives us closer to our personal potential.

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