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Cfdc Programming April + May

At-Home Workouts. 

Balanced, Routine Weekly Design. 

Monday: Strength + MetCon

Tuesday: Stamina + MetCon

Wednesday: Intervals

Thursday: Active Recovery

Friday: Strength + MetCon

Saturday: Grinders

Sunday: Rest


1. Consistency. 

---All Ranges of Intensity---

The program is designed to allow appropriate intensity MTW and FS. In most cases, you can dig in as hard as you want and be ready to go the next day with rest days showing up just in time.  

2. Constancy/Frequency.

---Low Intensity---

"Movement as a routine." In this prescription, intensity is low, but overall volume increases. Maybe you set a timer for every 1-2 hours a day to remind you to move. The movements will be simple, like a very brief warm up. The thought behind it is to remind you that your body is capable of, and even appreciates, frequent movement. It will also provide productive breaks during your day. 

3. Strength.

---Moderate Intensity---

Strength through movement will be prescribed in foundational patterns (squat/deadlift/press/pull). Your coach will challenge you based on the equipment you have available. We will also train isometric strength like handstand holds, planks, and wall squats. 

(Carry-Over: Where do you think the stability to stay tight in a front squat or catch a jerk or snatch comes from? Yep. Isometrics!)

4. Work Capacity.

---High Intensity---

Most of us are working with light-moderate loads, which means we can take advantage of this time to build our aerobic power through quality movement and high repetitions with minimal to no rest. 


1. Consistency. 

2. Well-Rounded Strength.

3. Increase work capacity across broad time and creative domains.


"Waffle Maker"

"The Chief" (Campfire)


CrossFit Fundraiser WoDs (to be announced)


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