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EATP Update - 3/18

Cfdc Update for Wednesday, March 18th.

In the last 24 hours, we've

  • added close to 250 personal training profiles through our online software

  • made preparations for 277 pieces of equipment to be utilized thru online training

Thank you to the members of Cfdc and to the hard work of:

  • E, Mar, Linds, Dan, Britt, & Chad

  • As well as Gus, Chance, Caleb, Bob, and our cleaning crew too!

We are really excited to get started!

Personal Training

Each member will receive programming tailored to your goals & the equipment at your disposal. We will program based on the current number of days that you've trained with us in the group.

This is something that we charge $30 in addition to the group membership. As long as there is a pandemic we will offer it at the same rate as what you've been paying.

  • If there is additional attention we can give you (i.e. increase the number of days we program, add a nutrition plan, fully personalize the programming), just let your coach know and they are equipped to make it happen!


Your coach has reached out and assigned you a specific piece of equipment for your apocalypse workouts (TM). Please coordinate the time to pick up so that we may accommodate you.


While we'll use Truecoach for individual attention and coaching, please continue to check sugarwod for videos from the coaches, workout playlists, and more! Even though we can't get together in person, Sugarwod is a great place to give a fistbump and check in on everyone!

Lastly, we have a great 15, 60, & 90-day plan prepared to take the best care of you --

Let us help & let's have some fun!


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