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Cfdc Way.

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As far as centers of health + fitness are concerned, Cfdc has a few characteristics that we are particular about and arrived at empirically (that's code for: "we figured out what works and what doesn't work"). 

  1. PROGRAM DESIGN - whether for the beginning individual, one of our group templates, specific prehab or skill work, nothing we prescribe is random. We know what we want out of each training session, understand that different athletes respond to different workouts, and demand that safety & efficacy of movement be adhered to every day. The groups we program operate under an undulating periodization, which means that we systematically use different loads, reps, and sets for functional fitness on different days of the week to prioritize different aspects of fitness throughout the year.

  2. WE COACH NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE - movement is an important aspect of your health and fitness, but we've determined it's a much smaller % than we originally believed. We believe it's so vital, that if we cannot address nutrition & lifestyle, our clients may not reach their long term goals. Any a**hole can administer a tough workout, it takes a much different skill set to collaborate on macro and micronutrient ratios, sleep hygiene, and the longitudinal effects of cortisol. We have painstakingly educated ourselves and have been in the trenches with these considerations for over a decade now.

  3. WE ASSESS OUR ATHLETES - Thru trial and error, we believe any program without individual just a guess at best. Our assessments meet ANY athlete, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, where they're at, we use the data, and most importantly, the results speak for themselves.

  4. WE HAVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH EACH OF OUR ATHLETES - each athlete has a coach assigned to them that knows them, knows their goals and priorities, and collaborates with them thru the seasons of life. We believe we are YOUR COACH FOR LIFE. Our athletes aren't commodities, they are human beings; we treat you as such.

  5. OUR COACHES ARE PROFESSIONALS - What does this even mean? For each one of us, we have made a choice that this is our VOCATION. It's not a part time hobby, we aren't doing this to be popular or gain followers, we each do it because we believe that taking care of someone's body is akin to the responsibility of a preacher or physician. If this is true, and we believe it is, we want to be the very best at what we do. This means that we've educated ourselves, have constantly questioned and experimented the best practices out there and will continue to do so because this is our JOB.

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